I have outlined below all the modifications and upgrades that I have performed to my 2008 Honda VFR. I'll try my best to keep this page current and up to date as possible. If you have any questions or need more information about any of the modifications listed , please contact me.

Check back often as I will be constantly updating this section whenever I do a new mod to my bike!



The modifications outlined below are for reference only. If you decide to perform any of these listed modifications to your own motorcycle, you do so at your own risk! I do not take or assume any responsibility for any damage or problems that might occur as a result from attempting these modifications to your motorcycle. If you intend to perform modifications to your motorcycle you should, at minimum, posses some basic mechanical and electrical skills. I am not a certified Honda technician nor do I profess to be.

Perform these mods at your own risk!


* Indicates a recently performed modification

 Electrical / Lighting      Mechanical     Cosmetic     Other
  SAE Accesory Plug   R&G Frame Sliders   "Ejection Seat" Decal   Tech Spec Tank Grips
  GiPro DS Gear Indicator   Helibars        
  FZ1 Fuse Block   Pazzo Like Levers        
* HyperLite Brake LEDs * G2 Throttle Tamer        
* Oxford Heated Grips            
* Stebel Nautilus Horn            








 Manuals, Write-ups and Instructions

If you need Adobe Reader, you can download it here: Download Latest Adobe Reader

Instructions & Diagrams


How to Bleed Brake Lines


GiPro DS Gear Indicator Insturctions






Helpful Tips & Knowledge Base

I have gathered some useful information and helpful tips and guides. The information listed below is a result of many VFR owners and forum members hard work and research in finding, detailing and sharing this information.

Understanding How Relays Work

Information and instructions of the basic workings and wiring of 12VDC Relays.

How to Replace Brake Pads

Instructions and pictures of how to change both front and rear brake pads.

How To Paint - A Basic Guide

I created a basic step by step guide on how to properly paint parts

How To Aim HID Headlights

A basic guide for aiming HID projector headlights


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